I am a Muhlenberg College student, class of 2022, a current biology major with a passion for music and Jewish studies.

Since I was 9 years old I have played the flute, studying under Phyllis Salinger and Elaine Martin. Once I started, I couldn’t stop. I take every opportunity I can to perform. I love the feeling of expressing myself and connecting with the audience in a genuine, yet non-verbal way.

As a biology student at Muhlenberg College, I am currently on the Pre-medical track. My goal is to become either an OB/GYN or an endocronoligst. The classes are hard, but I work tirelessly, succeeding and sometimes failing, for this goal.  I want to be able to combine my passions of the Jewish concept of “tikkun olam” (repairing the world) and the life sciences through helping people as a doctor.

Before taking this class, I knew I wanted to become a biology major and attend medical school. I wasn’t sure, however, what field of practice I wanted to pursue. I know I have plenty of time to figure out exactly what I want to do, especially as that changes for so many people throughout their entire professional lives. Now, I feel more confident and passionate towards the field of OB/GYN.

One influential person in my life has been Chris Horn, my high school’s band director for the past four years. He taught me that leadership is about the people. It is important to succeed in our competitions, but that it means nothing if there is no sense of community. As leaders, it is our job to make sure that everyone feels part of the team, working towards our collective goals. I learned that to be a leader I have to be an example for others to look towards. I had to conciously think about my duties on the marching band field and how I talked to others. Outside of marching band, Mr. Horn encouraged me to push myself as a musician. Because of him, I have become not only a more confident performer, but also person and leader. I know I will always remember him as I move forward in my college and professional careers.

Fun facts!!!

Last year I worked on a local organic vegetable farm for a month (and loved it!). My favorite animals are black-tailed prairie dogs, guinea pigs, and capybaras (who are basically giant guinea pigs). I love to bake! I can make a mean banana nut bread.

I studied Latin throughout middle/high school and I competed at state Latin conventions (I led my school’s winning Latin quiz bowl team, and participated in oratory, art projects, sprinting events, and academic tests). I love Roman history, mythology, and culture!

My 2018 Certmanen (Classics based trivia) team with our 1st place trophy!